Plague of Horror

For reasons no one can explain, what appears to be paranormal forces are killing people in the most horrendous and chilling manner. No one is safe, and there is no protection against these forces, primarily secondary to the world’s lack of belief in Magick.

Then the Avatar’s Death Angels appear. These creatures can open dimensional rifts and allow the humanity-hating denizens of these places to enter this reality and arbitrarily kill anyone and everyone in the vicinity. Entire police forces, sororities, elder care facilities and more are destroyed―this is occurring all around the country. After several months of martial law, the President wants to show a restoration of normality with a live day of music from the most popular performers in the country, new and old, at the largest stadium in the country in Texas. The President tells Xander Champlain III that he and his League of Watchers must work with other people with similar abilities and stop the deaths.

Grady and Xander, with the help of other like-minded people, go to the stadium and begin their work to protect the hundred-thousand people there from dying if problems arise.

Problems do arise, people are killed, and Xander disappears. It is then up to Grady to stop the evildoers and do things that his friends and other league members can’t do to save the lives of thousands of people. Unfortunately, Grady has the least amount of training and experience in the performance of Magick.
How can he save anyone’s life when he is injured, blaming himself for Xander’s disappearance, and doesn’t have the ability of his friends, Black Dog, a native American Shaman, Mable, a real Magick-using witch, and Julius Schwarz, who is able to become the golem of Jewish history.

It doesn’t appear that anyone will survive, and it is all being recorded on television!

Plague of Horror

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